Our Dessert Menu

All of our desserts are freshly made daily by our Italian chefs


Dolce Latte


Créme Caramel


Bigne al Cioccolato

Profiteroles filled with créme pâtissiére served with chocolate sauce.



Donatello speciality.


Torta Di Mele

Italian apple tart.


Torta al Tartufo

Chocolate truffle gateau.


Torta Golosa

Vegan chocolate tart (contains nuts).



Gelato Misto

Mixed ice-cream.


Lemon Sorbet


Mango Sorbet


Coppa Maxi

Vanilla and pistachio ice-cream, nougat, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.


Coppa Milo

Banana and strawberries with chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream and chocolate buttons.


Coppa Carmen

Amaretti biscuits soaked in Amaretto liqueur with vanilla ice cream, espresso coffee and whipped cream.


Coppa Amarena

Cherries in syrup with vanilla, strawberry and pistachio ice-cream and whipped cream.


Coppa Pietro

Meringue, lemon sorbet, lemon sauce and whipped cream.


Coppa Olivia

Tiramisu, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.


Coppa Kev

Profiterole, cherry and chocolate sauce, pistachio and vanilla ice-cream with chocolate drops and whipped cream.


Coppa Montebianco

Honeycomb, white chocolate, vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream.


Coppa Rustica

Meringue with vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.


A discretionary 10% Service charge will be added to the bill.

Please note that our kitchen handles allergens – ask the waiter for further information.